Welcome to the website of the #SGH4U Project

Project "Development of competences of the scientific, didactic and administrative staff: optimization of the model of servicing students and staff from abroad and shaping the culture of openness at SGH Warsaw School of Economics" (acronym: #SGH4U) is aimed at SGH employees.

Thanks to the strengthening of the intercultural competences of SGH staff, the Project will also affect the student community. As the project is part of a broader strategy of SGH Warsaw School of Economics aiming at developing a model for promoting and strengthening multiculturalism, the results obtained can be successfully used in other academic centres. An important factor of the project is to ensure the sustainability of results. To serve this purpose, first and foremost, permanent structures and tools that integrate expertise and experience from various areas and organizational units will be created. Activities aimed at multiplying effects (training the trainers and dissemination of results at other universities), as well as using the effects of synergy, coherence and complementarity will be implemented.

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